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Reveal limited ingredient cat food is packed with delicious and responsibly sourced protein that is carefully selected for taste, quality, and nutrition. Our grain free cat food is made with 100% natural ingredients and because we love transparency, you can see this for yourself through our unique packs.

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Natural Cat Food 

Truly limited ingredient cat food 

Reveal recipes are made with truly limited ingredients – you can almost count them on one hand. Each ingredient in our recipes is ethically sourced with no fillers, artificial flavors or preservatives. We keep our food purposefully simple to provide cats with a healthy diet, that tastes amazing and meets their needs.

Quality cat food with every bite

Our grain free cat food contains, natural ingredients in every single can and we have a variety of flavors for your feline friend to enjoy. Within our delicious range of limited ingredient cat food, you can choose from juicy chunks of tuna and tender chicken breasts. We even have a variety of ocean fish recipes to pick from. Each and every one of our meals is packed with natural ingredients, rich protein goodness that your cat will love.

At Reveal, it is not just about taste, although our meals are guaranteed to put a spring in your cat’s step. In each of our meals, we use truly limited ingredients, 100% natural ingredients and absolutely no fillers, artificial flavors or preservatives. Our limited ingredient cat food recipes, are moist and made up of protein, are low in fat with a balanced blend of fiber, vitamins, and minerals – great for cats with food sensitivities.

Grain-free cat food selection

We all like to have a choice when it comes to mealtimes and cats are no different. That is why we have created a variety of grain free cat food recipes to choose from. Cat’s can suffer from allergies and food sensitivities in the same way humans do. Our grain-free recipes cater for sensitive digestion, whilst maintaining all of the great-tasting, nutritional goodness they need from their meals.

At Reveal, we offer delicious cans, pots and treats to choose from. Whether you are choosing from singles or multipacks, there is something for every cat. Our recipes have been made in a delicious selection of tastes and textures, including broths, loin and aspic, and thanks to our see-through packaging, you can see the difference before they try them. Begin treating your feline friend today & reveal the quality of our recipes for yourself.