How to boost your cat hydration

There are many common myths that cats love to only drink milk, however this is not accurate and despite popular belief, milk is not good for cats. In this article, we discuss how to boost cat hydration.

The need for cats to drink as much water as possible cannot be emphasised enough. There are many common myths that cats love to only drink milk, however, this is not accurate and despite popular belief, milk is not good for cats. Good cat hydration is very important so it is vital that they drink as much water as possible. Read on for more information on how to boost your cat’s hydration levels. 

Why hydration is important for cats

Unlike dogs, cats are not frequent water drinkers, in fact many cats can be quite reluctant to drink water. Since cats were originally desert animals, they did not evolve the same ‘thirst drive’ that humans and dogs have. 

However, just like humans and dogs, cats still need to ingest an adequate amount of water on a daily basis to ensure they are at optimal health levels. Good cat hydration is extremely important, since receiving a satisfactory daily amount of water will keep a cat’s coat shiny, as well as maintaining healthy, hydrated skin and organ function. 

Since 80% of a cat’s body is made up from water, it is crucial to keep an eye on your cat’s water intake and to look out for signs of dehydration, in order to maintain your cat’s natural biological processes.

One method of spotting a dehydrated cat is by pinching the skin along their back. While this method will not hurt your cat, it is important to pay close attention to how the skin in this area behaves. If it is slow to return back to its normal position, or if the skin remains up in a ridge, this is a sign that your cat is dehydrated. Other common signs, like a dry mouth, are also worth looking out for. 

cat hydration

How to increase your cat’s water intake

The amount of water consumption a cat requires on a daily basis does depend on a variety of different factors, including the cat’s size and weight, the time of year, and the cat’s diet – although it is generally agreed that cats require roughly 2-4 ounces of fresh water a day. If you find it a tough task getting your cat to regularly drink water, here is some inspiration on how to increase your cat’s water intake:

  • Multiple water bowls: Leaving multiple bowls of water around the house for your feline friend, this could encourage them to drink more. The multiple bowls will give your cat more choice and make the water seem more enticing.
  • Choosing the right bowl: The correct water bowl for your cat can make them feel more comfortable, since many cats do not like it when water touches their whiskers, so your cat may prefer a wider and more shallow bowl.
  • Water fountain: Research shows that most cats are attracted to running water, because their instinct tells them that still water is unsafe and contaminated, so some cat owners have found water foundations to be extremely useful. Cat water foundations can appeal to a cat’s fun side and make the whole experience more exciting and pleasurable to your feline friend.

Why wet cat food might be the food you are looking for

If you find yourself in the category of pet owners struggling to hydrate your cat, then Reveal cat food might be just what you’re looking for. 

Here at Reveal, we pride ourselves on, what some would say, the best limited ingredient cat food around. Made from 100% natural ingredients with nothing added whatsoever, we know that your cat is receiving only the best. Our wet cat food pots are packed with rich, high quality ingredients and contain 85% moisture, so if you are looking to hydrate your cat further, these pots may be the way forward! 

If you are looking for a good grain free cat food that is rich with moisture, our range of Reveal cat food products may be what is best for your feline friend. Always remember to feed your feline friend a combination of both wet and dry cat food to ensure that your cat’s diet is as full, nutritious, and wholesome as possible! 


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