Best limited ingredient cat foods for your cat

It is safe to say that when we are shopping, most of us consider factors like price and convenience. But how often do we consider taste, nutrition, and satisfaction for your cat? Read on to find out more about the benefits of truly limited ingredient cat foods.

In the United States, we are incredibly health-conscious when it comes to choosing our own diets. Now, more and more of us are looking at exactly what ingredients are in our meals and even making the effort of buying high protein meats and fresh greens through online butchers and greengrocers to ensure we have the healthiest diet possible. There are endless diet alternatives that experts suggest are the best for our own health, but what about that of your cat? Here we take a look at the best limited ingredient cat food options for your cat and the health benefits it provides.

What are the best limited ingredient cat foods available for your cat?

Truly limited ingredient cat food provides the appropriate balance of protein, carbohydrates, and vitamins. When you check the packaging of your chosen cat food, check the cat food ingredients list. In most cases, the ingredients list can be extensive and if you look carefully you will see there are many chemical additives and carbohydrates. High levels of these ingredients can be harmful to your cat’s digestion, skin condition and behaviour, as it is far removed from the carnivorous diet that wild cats enjoy.


As is stated in the name, truly limited ingredient cat foods offers a much shorter list of ingredients. Because of this, the smaller number of ingredients are carefully checked for quality and nutrition. Protein is a staple part of a cat’s diet, and limited ingredient cat food usually contains what is known as ‘novel’ protein and carbohydrate sources, ensuring one high quality protein source and one high quality carbohydrate source. Investing in a limited ingredient cat food could be a great health move for your cat.

Try limited ingredient cat food for allergies in your feline friend

Best limited ingredient cat food for allergies and intolerances

For cats with allergies or intolerances, a limited ingredient diet is a recommended dietary choice. The carefully selected ingredients, and more importantly, the lack of harmful grains, additives and high carbohydrate levels, mean that it is a healthy decision to feed your cat limited ingredient cat food for allergies, food sensitivities, digestive complications, and skin sensitivities.

Some of the benefits of a truly limited ingredient diet for cats can include:

  • Reduced digestive upset and improved digestion
  • Increased energy levels and vitality
  • Reduced allergies and skin problems, such as hot spots, itching and flaking

These are all common headaches for cat owners and a lot of the time, it may never cross your mind to check your cat’s diet. Limited ingredient cat food can incur a more premium cost, but this is based on the quality of the protein and other ingredients – in the same way that premium meat and vegetables cost more in our own diets. This type of cat food is made up of higher quality ingredients, without excess carbohydrates and without chemically enhanced additives. 

Do you have a cat who suffers from allergies or sensitive digestion? Choose from our grain-free, limited ingredient cat food range online today and start their journey to a healthier and happier life.

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