The Cat Whisperer

Cat Whisperers talk to their cats like any other member of their family. They sincerely believe that their cat understands every word that is uttered. But cats will do whatever is asked of them if their owner is holding a dish of Reveal.


If you talk to your cat and sometimes they actually do what you ask, you’re a Cat Whisperer. We’d love to see how you connect with your cat – share a selfie of your cat whispering skills using #RevealCatWhisperer on Instagram  or Facebook and you could win your cat a month’s supply of Reveal Natural Pet Food.




Natural born Cat Whisperer, Michael and feline friend, Oskar, share a unique relationship and an unmistakable bond, as you can see in our Cat Whisperer film. It’s natural to talk to your cat, show them affection and give them the healthy, balanced diet they deserve. It’s also natural to want to look after your cat like you look after every member of your family.


There are no artificial flavorings, colors or preservatives added to Reveal. All of our recipes are grain free and made with truly limited ingredients. What you see is absolutely what it is – your cat gets everything they needs. We believe if your cat could talk they would ask for Reveal – why wouldn’t you give them the best?