Reveal loins are tasty, naturally. Unlike many treats they have no added sugar and are rich in taurine and essential omega oils. Give as a treat or sprinkle bite-sized pieces onto food for even more flavor – your cat will always come when you're holding one.

Treats for your Cat

Whole Tuna Loin - 1.06oz


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Reveal Cat Treats

Treats don’t have to be bad for you! Reveal loins contain only one ingredient and are completely free from and additives, colors and preservatives. All of our loins are 100% natural and are a great source of protein and essential amino acids such as taurine that helps with the function of heart and eye health. Unlike many treats Reveal loins have no added sugar, helping your cat maintain a healthy weight whilst still enjoying a treat! Feed by hand for a melt in the mouth treat or sprinkle onto your cats food for added flavor.