About Reveal

Reveal is the truly limited ingredient food your pet deserves – it’s so good you can see the difference.

About Reveal

We care about pets and know how important it is to give them what they need, as well as what they want. That’s why Reveal is made with truly limited ingredients. Grain free and packed with real protein and nutrients, including essential amino acids taurine, arginine and more, Reveal is the truly limited ingredient food your pet deserves – it’s so good you can see the difference.

Our Background

We created our first truly limited ingredient pet food recipe following our simple philosophy – if we can’t make a better pet food, we won’t make it at all. It was so good we made an entire range and named it Reveal. Every can, pot and pouch is filled with more real protein and absolutely no unnecessary fillers or additives. We pride ourselves on the quality of our ingredients and you can see the difference. We make sure every Reveal recipe is grain free, naturally delicious and easy to digest because – like you – we care about your pets. Our range of textures and toppings will keep your furry, four-legged friend in tip-top shape and racing to you at meal times. In 2017, Reveal Pet Food was launched and is now sold around the USA to welfare-conscious pet owners interested in feeding their cats the very best in cat food products, naturally.

Truly Limited Ingredient Pet Food for Cats

Our truly limited ingredient cat food comes is a variety of formats from the soft and palatable pots to cans and pouches packed with protein in a hydrating, natural broth. Reveal products are complementary, so they make the perfect addition to your cat’s mealtime. Each of our recipes are totally grain free and high in protein, with shredded chicken breast or whole tuna fillet – if your cat could talk, we think they’d ask you for Reveal.

Quality Pet Food You Can Trust

Everything that goes into making Reveal is of the highest standard of quality. From our fish that’s sustainably caught to our unique pots designed so you can easily see the succulent and tasty protein inside, every detail makes Reveal simply better pet food. We don’t believe in half-measures. Your pets are your best friends and part of your family, so only the best is good enough them. We tirelessly select fresh ingredients, with no additives, preservatives or sweeteners, so you can give your pets food they will love. The Reveal truly limited ingredient pet food range offers variety and choice for pets. Whether you’re looking buy our flavorful variety of broth cans or luxurious loin cat treats, you can rest in the knowledge that your pets are only getting the very best to support their gut health, activity levels and beautiful coats. We guarantee empty plates every mealtime – so why keep your pets waiting?