How to make your cat feel more secure and safe at home

Here are a few tips on how to make your cat feel safe at home.

Home is where we feel most at peace.

It is the place where we go to relax with family, where we often feel our happiest. 

As our pets are an important part of the family, it is also the place they should feel their most secure and safe. 

For a number of reasons, that isn’t always the case. 

They may be having difficulty adjusting to a new home, or the layout of an existing property following a re-model. They may be experiencing stress due to a change in their, or your, routine, or have become unsettled following the introduction of a new pet (especially if you have an older cat). 

Whatever the reason, it is a pet parent’s responsibility to create a warm and loving environment where a feline can relax and thrive.

Here are a few tips on how to make your cat feel safe at home. 

Ways to make your cat feel safe at home

  • Stick to a routine. Few things please a cat more than routine. They love to know what’s coming next, so the moment their daily schedule is completely upended they can begin to feel a little insecure. Feed them, play with them and let them out at the same time every day when possible. Be aware of your own routine, too. Some cats will become stressed even if you’re an hour late home from work.
  • They need their own space. We can’t always guarantee our homes are going to filled with nothing but peace and quiet. Loud visitors, building work, a new baby; all these things could leave an already nervous cat feeling even more anxious. Providing them with their own safe space in the house – it could be a room to themselves, or a den behind a piece of furniture – will ensure they have somewhere to go if things get too much.
  • Always try and remain calm. Easier said than done after a demanding day at work, but whenever you are feeling a bit stressed do your best to not vent off in front of your pets. Cats will often pick up on a pet parent’s emotional state, and this can have a detrimental – or positive – effect on their own mood. Never shout at your cat either, no matter how frustrating their behavior might be.
  • Introduce new things slowly. We’ve already mentioned how cats aren’t too keen on change. If you are going to be welcoming a new pet into your home, or you’re planning on changing the furniture around, make it a gradual process. Give them time to get used to any changes, and of course, make sure you have their safe space prepared.
  • Use their sense of smell. Pheromones, which can mimic your cat’s natural scent, can have a calming effect on cats that are dealing with a stressful or unfamiliar situation, such as moving house. Diffusers, sprays and wipes can all be used around the property to help make your cat feel more at ease.
  • Provide plenty of physical and mental stimulation. Happy cats feel safe and loved. Regular play sessions have the double benefit of keeping stress levels down, and fitness levels up. Sessions should be around 10 – 15 minutes long, with two-a-day enough to provide plenty of stimulation. You can encourage your cat to play by using interactive toys and games.
  • Ensure they have easy access to litter boxes. Some cats don’t like sharing their litter box, so if you have multiple pets in the home, provide a place for your cat to use there’s where they won’t be disturbed. Even if you don’t have more than one pet, various litter boxes set down around your home will give your felines an increased sense of comfort. It can be a good idea to do the same with their food and water bowls.

Keeping your cat healthy with Reveal

Reveal takes great pride in helping pet parents keep their cats happy and healthy.

Our brand is renowned for serving up delicious cat food filled with natural ingredients and wholesome nutrients. 

And that’s important. 

While predictable mealtimes will certainly make a cat feel safe and secure, one of the best ways to show a feline love is through a complete and well-balanced diet that has a focus on flavor.  

The grain-free recipes we create are designed to do just that.

Recipes like our Sardine With Mackerel In Broth Pot, Chicken Breast With Duck In Broth Pot and Tuna With Seaweed In Broth Can are all made with responsibly sourced protein, and come with no artificial flavors or additives.

The second you remove the lid from any of our pots or cans, your feline’s taste buds will be put on high alert, ready for a mouthwatering mealtime. 

We know food, and we love food, but we understand it is only one ingredient in a healthy cat life. 

That is why we also produce articles, like this one, aimed at arming pet parents with as much pet well-being knowledge as possible.

Naturally, nutrition is something we cover extensively – ‘Dietary Advice For Senior Cats – What You Need To Know’ and ‘What Is The Best Diet Food For Cats?’.

However, we also touch on a variety of topics including ‘House Training A Cat: What Not To Do’, ‘Signs Your Cat May Have High Blood Pressure’ and ‘The Signs Your Cat Has Separation Anxiety (And What To Do About It)’.

Nothing is more important to us than the physical and mental well-being of your cats, and we hope these help. 

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