What is the best diet food for cats?

Managing your cat’s diet and understanding the most suitable options for cats comes down to a number of factors, which all count towards a natural balanced diet. In this article, we look further at what is the best diet food for cats.

Ensuring your cat has the right diet is an important part of making sure your cat is happy and healthy. Managing your cat’s diet and understanding the most suitable options for cats comes down to a number of factors, which all count towards a natural balanced diet. Due to cats being natural carnivores, it’s important to tailor their diet to have a good quality source of protein. Most cats will need 35 to 45 per cent protein, according to many veterinarians. With kittens being recommended around 30 to 35 percent protein. Besides a heavy protein diet, cats also need a variety of vitamins and other food groups to live a healthy life. 

Nutrients cats need for a healthy diet

Domesticated cats will eat small meals frequently throughout the day. Unlike their wild counterparts who would feed on larger meals, infrequently. Domesticated cats rely on a more commercial diet that uses animal-protein formulas, with some cat food being 100% natural and unprocessed. Below is a list of the different components that are needed for your cat to have a healthy diet. 


Protein is the main part of a cat’s diet, with protein supplying vital amino acids that are needed to build the necessary tissue, muscle tone and energy levels of your cat.


Fats are needed in a healthy balanced diet for a cat, because fats provide energy and fuel required for an active lifestyle. Fats also help in the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins such as Vitamin A, D, E & K.


Carbohydrates are normally the biggest part of the diet that supplies energy. However, cats are different as they get most of their energy through other nutrients and food groups. Because of this, cats need a low-carb diet and a combination of vitamins and minerals to accommodate this. 


Cats need a range of vitamins, in particular vitamin A and B. Cats are unable to produce vitamin A and B naturally and need to have it supplemented, they can’t produce these vitamins alone. It is therefore important to check the vitamins and minerals of your cat’s diet.


Minerals help support chemical reactions in a cat’s body, as well as help develop strong bones and teeth. This is important for their dental health and development of strong joints. 


Water is a vital part of a balanced diet – even more so for cats. Cats need to be sufficiently hydrated at all times, because their little bodies are made from 80& water.  Hydration helps to maintain normal bodily functions, so fresh water should be available at all times. Cats get a certain amount of moisture from the foods they eat, especially wet food

best diet for cats

What type of food should I give my cat?

There are a number of different types of food that you can offer to your cat. The most common are dry cat food, semi-moist cat food and raw cat food. As long as a product is labeled balanced, wet, semi-moist, and dry formulas are all acceptable for cats. Since cats tend to get a lot of their moisture from their food, wet/canned food can be an especially good choice since it has the highest water content. However, all three types of food are fine as long as you keep fresh water available at all times.

Semi-moist cat food

Semi-moist cat food is often processed meat that is often found in most supermarkets. The food contains a high amount of magnesium and carbohydrates. Offering low nutritional value, with the contents full of additives and preservatives. 

Dry Cat food

Dry food is a popular choice among cat owners due to the lasting convenience of not going stale like semi-moist cat food. Dry cat food often comes in the form of bite-sized kibble and is often used alongside natural meats, due to being high in carbohydrates. 

Raw cat food

Natural cat food is the most natural food source you can feed your cat. Due to the food imitating what your cat would otherwise have in the wild.

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