Health benefits of grain free cat food

In recent times, it has become prominent to many pet owners that the benefits of grain free cat food cannot be ignored, meaning that more US pet owners are opting for grain free cat food. Read on to find out more.

However, it is a competitive market, with plenty of alternative diets to choose from. So what really are the health benefits of grain free cat food, and why should you invest for your cat?

All you need to know about the health benefits of grain free cat food

Cats are what we call ‘Obligate Carnivores’, meaning that biologically, they must eat meat to survive. Cats are carnivores by necessity, and it is this fact that sets them aside from other household pets. Now you might be thinking, ‘what does this have to do with grain free cat food?’

Well the answer is – everything.

why grain free cat food

One of the main health benefits of grain free cat food is its reliance on protein. Very much like their bigger ancestors, cat’s require protein in their diet and thrive off it. They benefit from a diet that is high in protein and low in carbohydrates. In the wild, cats don’t have the need, or the inclination, to feed on the plethora of carbohydrates that many cat food products include. In truth, a high consumption of carbohydrates is harmful to a feline’s health and should be avoided where possible.

Buying a healthy grain free cat food that is packed with nutrients and has a balanced constitution can be tricky. Not all grain-free cat food actually meets the specific needs of our feline companions, because some manufacturers remove the natural carbohydrate elements from their food – but undo this by replacing it with supplements that have the same impact.

However, to be defined as offering a good grain-free diet, a cat food should provide all the nutrition a cat needs; such as high protein levels, vitamins and minerals, which are crucial for a cat’s bodily function – and with absolutely no carb replacements added.

One of the many health benefits of a grain free cat food is the positive impact you will see in the skin and digestive system of your cat. Cats with sensitive skin and intolerances will benefit from a grain free diet, because foods containing grains such as corn, rice, barley and wheat have been associated with allergies, and can cause many problems with a cat’s skin, fur and digestion. 

Grain free cat foods are easier to digest

Due to the dry and starchy nature of carbohydrates, grains are extremely difficult for a cat’s digestive system to break down. This is because they don’t produce the salivary amylase enzyme needed to break down food containing high levels of starch.

Grain free cat food is produced far more naturally, without the need for grains to bind the food together. Providing they are not loaded with other carbohydrates, grain free products offer as close an alternative as possible to a cat’s natural diet, whilst still providing the best nutritional value, meaning that the benefits of grain free cat food cannot be ignored.

What are the health benefits of grain free cat food?

  • Shiny and lustrous looking coat
  • Reduction of itchy, flaky skin
  • Settled and easier digestion

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