How to switch to limited ingredient

Restricting the number of ingredients in your cat’s food means that each dish is packed with quality protein, vitamins and minerals. But how do you make the switch? Read on to Reveal the secret.

There are many benefits to placing your cat on a limited ingredient diet. Restricting the number of ingredients in your cat’s food means that each dish is packed with quality protein, vitamins and minerals – all of which can be easily traced back to the source for complete peace of mind.  But how do you make the switch from a regular diet to a limited ingredient diet? 

What is limited ingredient cat food?

Limited ingredient cat food is a carefully blended food with a restricted number of high-quality ingredients. This type of diet is preferred by many cat owners because of its high protein content, natural blend of minerals and its suitability for a number of food intolerances. 

Generally, limited ingredient cat food has a single protein source and single carbohydrate source, with additional vitamins and minerals included. The protein is usually sustainably sourced fish, like salmon or tuna, or ecologically farmed meat, like chicken. The carbohydrate source is often potato or brown rice, although this is not a preferred option for owners of cats with sensitivities

These carefully crafted recipes are intended to regulate gut health, cut down exposure to food that may provoke an intolerance and improve overall wellbeing – providing everything your cat needs for a well balanced, healthy lifestyle.

how to feed limited ingredient

How to transition cats onto a limited ingredient diet

Changing your cat’s diet should be done gradually, as any sudden change could upset their stomach and provoke an undesired response. This can be done over a number of days, or even weeks depending on the tolerance of your cat. 

  • Choose a protein source your cat is used to. Chicken is a bland meat and is therefore suited to most dietary requirements
  • Introduce small portions of limited ingredient cat food to your cat’s regular diet
  • After a day or two, start to increase the amount of new food and reduce the amount of the original cat food from the bowl
  • Gradually increase the amount of limited ingredient cat food in line with the feeding guidelines most suited to your cat
feeding limited ingredient

Limited ingredient cat food for sensitive stomachs

Limited ingredient cat food is ideal for sensitive stomachs. It decreases exposure to foods that your cat may otherwise be intolerant to – such as grains or particularly rich meats. Switching to a limited ingredient diet is an easy way to monitor what foods your cat is eating, and to map out what foods may be more likely to provoke an intolerance reaction. 

A limited ingredient diet also helps to settle your cat’s sensitive stomach, regulate gut health, promote regular bowel movements and increase moisture in your cat’s diet – thereby improving hydration levels and the overall health of your cat. 

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